Family support groupConfident and Nurturing families offer a variety of group and peer support programmes please see our calendar (link) for planned courses or contact our team if you are working in the community and have identified a need.

Here are some links you may find to be of interest:

STAR Group

STAR Group is a 10 week therapeutic programme for children aged 7 – 12 years, who have previously experienced domestic abuse and violence at home and who now live in a safe place. Issues around domestic abuse are explored and children are given the opportunity to meet others with similar experiences and to share in a safe and supportive environment. The mothers/carers group runs alongside providing an opportunity for them to support their children and build upon parent-child attachments following DA. Assessment procedures, risk and case management, safety planning and outcome information are also included.


Respect young person's toolkit is an intervention working with young people aged 11 – 18 years and their parents to help prevent violent and abusive relationships within families, addressing both young people's behaviour and parenting support and responses. The intervention uses a range of therapeutic and practical tools; work can be individual or group-based and can incorporate whole-family sessions. Issues around abuse in 'dating' relationships are also explored. Assessment procedures, risk and case management, safety planning and outcome information are also included.

STAR (Safety, Trust and Respect) Young People

STAR is a domestic abuse preventative programme aimed at teenagers. It is a group-based programme exploring healthy and un-healthy relationships, encouraging young people to think about their own behaviour, relationships and opinions. Young people are helped to recognise abusive behaviour, encouraged to challenge opinions and beliefs and given access to current law and research around domestic abuse as well as where to access support. The programme is suitable for all young people although can be targeted at small groups of those most at risk. Up to 6 sessions can be delivered depending on need and one to one support is available to those attending.

Nurturing Programme

NURTURING PROGRAMME is a 10 week parenting programme that looks at family life in a thoughtful and fun way. It also helps support positive behaviour in children and looks at the emotional needs behind children's behaviour. The Nurturing Programme benefits both children and parents by: promoting emotional health, building self-esteem, developing communication and social skills, teaching positive ways to resolve conflict, providing effective ways to encourage co-operative, responsible behaviour in children and encouraging parents to take time to look after themselves.

Incredible Years

Incredible Years Parenting Programme is aimed at babies and children 0 – 12 years. The programme, which is founded on social learning theory, aims to: promote positive parenting, improve parent-child relationships, reduce critical and physical discipline and increase the use of positive strategies, help parents to identify social learning theory principles for managing behaviour, improve home-school relationships.

Take 3

Take 3 is a parenting programme for parents of young people aged between 10 and 18. It looks at strategies to help improve behaviour, and improve relationships between young people and their families. The group provides time for parents to reflect on the way they parent and to prioritise the problems that they are facing. The programme aims to: work in partnership with parents, support parents in the parenting role and allow them to focus on the problem and find new ways of dealing with situations and increase parent's ability to see things from the young person's perspective